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Organyc is proudly sponsoring Nottingham Wildcats Women’s Basketball Team for the second year, after a successful partnership last year.

In addition to being promoted within the Nottingham Wildcats Arena and on the club’s kit, we’ll provide a year’s free supply of period products to the athletes, as well as samples in the bathrooms and full-size products are available to purchase from the vending machine in the foyer.

Our initiative is to educate around the menstrual cycle, natural period products and period poverty after the Nottingham Wildcats noticed a lot of the players saw periods as a negative. The club wanted to encourage more open dialogue about periods, including their effect on performance, the safest and most eco-friendly products to use, and why it’s important for males to be part of the conversation.

Nottingham Wildcats chairman said this about the partnership, “We are delighted with the continuing partnership with Organyc which goes from strength to strength. A women’s product supporting a women’s team that promotes and educates around the menstrual cycle and how it affects women and young adults aligns with our values around this topic.”

If you would like to find out more about Organyc and its products, you can follow the link to its website.

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