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Organ(y)c the natural and organic feminine hygiene brand has joined forces with Nottingham Academy Wildcats and their professional WBBL programme to sponsor their players with products, whilst also promoting period education and natural feminine hygiene.
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As well as being promoted within the arena and on the club kits – Organ(y)c will provide 1 year’s
free supply of their sustainable and natural feminine hygiene pads (which are the world’s first
clinically proven sanitary pads to reduce intimate skin irritations) and tampons to the student

The partnership with Organ(y)c also hopes to encourage female conversation about their
menstrual cycle. The Nottingham Wildcats noticed that a lot of the young girls on their
programme saw their period as a negative, instead of just a natural and normal part of life.  With
this knowledge the Wildcats wanted to encourage more open dialogue about periods, including
how it affects their sports performance, what the safest and most environmentally friendly
products are to use, why it’s also important for males to be part of the conversation and period

Image for press release highlighting a care package for given to Nottingham Academy Wildcat.

About Organ(y)c: Organ(y)c is unique as all their products are made from 100% certified
organic cotton inside and out, which can absorb ten times its own weight and is naturally
breathable, ultra-soft and hypoallergenic. Organ(y)c does not use SAP’s, synthetics,
polypropylene, rayon, added aroma, nor bleach, which are commonly found in most conventional
sanitary products.

Siobhán Prior, Director, Nottingham Academy Wildcats said: ‘We are really happy to be
working with Organ(y)c at the Nottingham Academy Wildcats. My goal is that we have a
programme where the menstrual cycle isn’t seen as a negative, a problem to work around or as a
thing we can’t talk about. I’d love for our male staff and players to feel comfortable learning and
discussing about periods and how they affect the female mind and body. 

Graeme Hume, Managing Director of Pravera commented: ‘With the increased conversation
about sustainability, period poverty and female empowerment, we think now is the perfect time to
partner with the Nottingham Wildcats WBBL & their Academy Programme. We want to dissolve
any remaining stigma surrounding periods and encourage further discussion on sustainable and
natural feminine hygiene options.

If you would like to know more about Organyc products, please visit the website www.organyc.uk.

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