Nottingham Wildcats Arena Men’s Summer League

Start date: Monday 13th of May 2019                              

Deadline: Friday 3rd of May 

Time: 20:00 – 22:00

Tip off: 20:05; 21:05

End date: Depending on entries

Cost: Team registration £25.00; Match fee: £30.00 per match

This covers all costs associated with your game e.g court hire, referees, table officials, administration

Requirements: Each entry should be submitted with copies of player and coach licences

Format: Team can have a MAXIMUM of 2 registered senior national league players from the 2018/19 season

2 x 20mins, running clock. Stop clock in the last 30secs of the 2nd half.

Clock stops for time outs.

Overtime (OT) will consist of a golden basket rule – the team that scores first wins. This will start with a jump ball.

Teams are allowed 1 x 60secs timeout (TO) per half. NO TOs in the last 5mins of the second half. NO TOs in OT.

Players are disqualified when committing their 5th personal foul

A technical foul will result in One shots and possession stays with whichever team had possession.

Half time consists of a 2min break

Substitutions are allowed on any dead ball

A team may start the game with 4 players, adding a 5th when they arrive.

Uniforms: Numbered kit or numbered t-shirts

Blow-out rule: If there is a 15pt (or greater) margin with 30 secs left in the game, the clock is not stopped

Forfeits: Teams who do not show up or cancel games will be fined £60 (match fees for both teams)

If a team has less than 4 players five minutes after the scheduled tipoff time, the game will be awarded to the opposing team, 20-0. However, teams may decide to play a non-competitive game if match fees have been paid.

Venue: Nottingham Wildcats Arena, Greenwood Road, Nottingham NG3 7EB

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