Nottingham City Karate Club

At Nottingham City Karate Club you can learn traditional Shotokan Karate in a safe and fun environment, teaching adults and children (8 years and onwards) of all abilities, from novice to the more experienced.


We believe that learning karate teaches children confidence, commitment, self-respect and respect for others, discipline along with life skills; and developing these traits will assist your child in their character development.

The program is designed to be fun and progressive to develop your child in an enjoyable environment; and whilst this is the case, it does require a level of commitment from the student as well as the parents to buy into our culture to progress and develop the student.

Taught by our team of Sensei’s  K Barnes (5th Dan), P Danns (4th Dan), A Kettringham (3rd Dan) and S Leary (2nd Dan). Our commitment is to provide your child with the best and most enjoyable environment to learn karate and develop their character.

Classes are every Monday 7:00pm – 8:00pm.

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