Free Street Cricket at Wildcats Arena

FREE Tape Ball Cricket for children aged 8-15

About this Event

Chance to Shine Street is bringing cricket to thousands of young people in inner-city areas. It uses the game to promote social cohesion and create opportunities in diverse communities affected by anti-social behaviour and youth crime.

We feel that every child, no matter where they live, should have the opportunity to enjoy cricket. Chance to Shine Street is a counter for a lack of clubs and green spaces in inner-city areas and aims to make cricket accessible to young people throughout the country. 

At our free sessions, young people play a fast-paced version of tapeball cricket, using a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape. Each innings lasts for 20 balls and games last for just 20 minutes. It needs very little cricket equipment and is ideal for inner-city venues.

Want to get involved? For more information on your nearest session, contact Ian Dipaolo, 07980 927124 or email and sessions can be booked at eventbrite.

*Places are currently limited to 15 due to ongoing government restrictions.

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